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1955 1st series




• All series of trucks had open drive shafts instead of a torque-tube (enclosed driveshaft) - this is the first year for an open driveshaft (no torque tube, enclosed driveshaft) in the 3100 1/2 ton trucks.


• The spring mounts on the rear axle were different from the 1954 location.


• Chrome plated, cast metal series/model emblem on sides of hoods changed from the style used in 1953/1954.


• The front hood-emblem is the same as used in 1954.


• Same "bull nose" grill as used in 1954; but, this year the entire grill was painted Waldorf White, with black inner bars. The chrome grill had Waldorf White inner bars.


• Last half-year that Chevrolet trucks used the six volt negative-ground electrical system.


• Serial #'s, H 1/2 ton, J 3/4 ton, L 1 ton, etc.


1955 1st series



GMC New Design Trucks - 1947-1955



• From 1939 and up, the "standard" GMC six cylinder was a high pressure insert bearing engine - initially 228 and 248 cubic inches (which became standard on 1/2 ton trucks in 1954).


• 80 psi oil pressure gauge throughout the New Design series


• The GMC with six-volt electrical system uses a positive electrical system, except for the V-8 equipped trucks in 1955, which were 12v negative ground.




General Motors Canada


• Almost all Canadian built GMC pickups prior to 1953 used the Chevrolet 216 engine, not the 228 and 248 GMC type placed in U.S. trucks.


• However, a Canadian Chevrolet truck equipped from the Canadian factory with the larger GMC 228 and 248 was called the "Maple Leaf" (until 1950).





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