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• 216.5 cubic inch engine; low pressure inline-6 engine with 30 psi oil pressure gauge.


• 235 cubic inch engine was available on larger trucks; this was also a low-pressure inline-6 engine with 30psi oil pressure gauge.


• Cloth-braided wiring.


• Shortages during the Korean War are the primary reasons for the eliminating of bright work on the 1952 and 1953 truck.

Therefore, painted items on these trucks included: hub caps, bumpers, grille, radio speaker horizontal trim, glovebox door, etc.


• The “back splash” on painted grills was light gray (Thistle Gray) to match hub caps and bumpers.


• Interior window cranks and wiper knobs changed to maroon plastic.


• Outside door handles are now push button type.


• Speedometer now shows maximum speed of 90 mph.


• Horizontal trim above & below radio speaker grill & glove box door are painted steel, not stainless steel as in prior years.


• All beds are now 8 board type.


• Chevrolet hub-caps changed from chrome-plated to gray-painted steel with black block letters, however, stamping and shape remain the same as prior years. Some say a very few deluxe 1/2 ton pickups still carried the chrome cap.


• In mid-year, GM stopped using 3100, 3600, 3800 emblems on side of hood. However, CHEVROLET emblems are used the entire year.


• Inside window handle knobs & wiper knob are now maroon. Serial #'s , KP 1/2 ton, KR 3/4 ton, KS 1 ton, etc...







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