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• 216.5 cubic inch engine; low pressure inline-6 engine with 30 psi oil pressure gauge.


• 235 cubic inch engine was available on larger trucks; this was also a low-pressure inline-6 engine with 30psi oil pressure gauge.


• Cloth-braided wiring.


• The "back splash" bar of the painted grille was white. On chrome grilles, only the outer bar was plated and the "back splash" bar was painted as the painted grille.


• Vent windows in doors are introduced.


• Outside door handles are still turn-down type. Only year with vent windows and turn-down handles.


• Mid-year change from 9 board bed to 8 board bed.


• Engine in pickups remains 216 cubic inch babbit bearing low oil pressure type for Chevrolet, (used from 1937 to 1953). GMC continues with the 228 cubic inch full pressure engine as their standard unit.


• Seat adjustment horizontal rod under cushion is run through a rubber grommet which is secured to the seat riser frame. Earlier year seats adjusted with a metal cable.


• Last year for 80 mph speedometer.


• Last year for chrome window handle knobs and chrome wiper knob.


• Serial #'s JP 1/2 ton, JR 3/4 ton, JS 1 ton, etc...


????? Huck vs Bendix brakes – what years






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