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• 216.5 cubic inch engine; low pressure inline-6 engine with 30 psi oil pressure gauge.


• 235 cubic inch engine was available on larger trucks; this was also a low-pressure inline-6 engine with 30psi oil pressure gauge.


• Cloth-braided wiring.


• The "back splash" bar of the painted grille was white. On chrome grilles, only the outer bar was plated and the "back splash" bar was painted as the painted grille.


• Modern tubular type shock absorbers replace lever-action type shocks.


• Driver's side cowl vent handle is flat steel, not maroon knob as in previous years.


• Headlight frames remain chrome-plated brass.


• Wiper knob chrome plated steel.


• Last year for driver's side cowl vent.


• Serial #'s HP 1/2 ton, HR 3/4 ton, HS 1 ton, etc...






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