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It seems that GM/Chevrolet might have made changes in parts and features throughout the model year.  Most likely, GM/Chevrolet would introduce new parts and features but still use old parts until they ran out.  The model year is designated on the VID plate attached to the cab driver's-side door opening, between the hinges.  

Early 1949: 


216.5 cubic inch engine; low pressure inline-6 engine with 30 psi oil pressure gauge.


235 cubic inch engine is available on larger trucks; this was also a low-pressure inline-6 engine with 30psi oil pressure gauge.


Cloth-braided wiring.


The "back splash" bar of the painted grille is silver gray (white ?) and the outer bars have no pin stripe/.


On chrome grilles, only the outer bar is plated and the "back splash" bars are painted silver gary (white ?), same as the painted grille.


Bed still contains 9 boards.


 Similar to earlier trucks, except: gas tank is now located behind seat inside of cab.


Hood emblem is now chrome-plated steel.


Inside door-handle is now pulled to open.


As in '47 and '48, on Chevrolet light trucks hood-side chrome emblem states THRIFTMASTER.  The large trucks' side hood-emblem states LOADMASTER.


- Serial #'s, GP 1/2 ton, GR 3/4 ton, GS 1 ton, etc...



Late 1949:


New-style cab windlace fits in metal track around door opening.


Headliner center bow is now "floating type", no longer screwed to roof of cab.


Hood side emblem says CHEVROLET, no longer says THRIFTMASTER or LOADMASTER.


Series designation emblems also on side of hood; 3100 on 1/2 ton, 3600 on 3/4 ton, 3800 on 1 ton, etc. Serial #'s same as Early 1949.








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