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 216.5 cubic inch engine; low pressure inline-6 engine with 30 psi oil pressure gauge.


235 cubic inch engine was available on larger trucks; this was also a low-pressure inline-6 engine with 30psi oil pressure gauge.


A closed-type vacuum-operated engine ventilation system (PCV) was available on the new 3742 Forward Control Delivery Chassis series.  These trucks were used for stop-and-go delivery and a lot of standing-running, with insufficient windstream for the standard road draft tube engine ventilation to be affective (needed to minimize oil dilution and sludge formation).


Significant internal changes were made to both the 216 and 235 engines.


Cloth-braided wiring.


During 1947-48, the Chevrolet painted grille-bars and "back splash" bars were body color. In addition, the leading edge of each painted outer bar had a horizontal stripe matching the cab stripe.


On chrome grilles, only the outer bar was plated and the "back splash" bars were painted the body color, same as the painted grille.


Windlace around door is black rubber and secured with metal strips screwed in place.


Gas tank is still under bed.


Bed still contains 9 boards.


Headliner center bow is screwed in place.


Redesigned three-speed transmission now uses column shift with linkage attached to the transmission case side; and, the parking brake is now activated by a pedal through the left side of the floorboard (allowing the driver to easily exit on the curb/passenger side - the exterior door lock is on this side).  A new fender skirt was needed for the parking-brake pedal-mounting lever.


The four-speed transmission is now synchro-mesh and slightly longer than the previous four-speed.  The length of the 3-speed transmission was increased the maintain interchangeability.


Die-cast metal hood emblem (same as 1947)


A 15" wheel tire was now available on 3100 series


Serial #'s, FP 1/2 ton, FR 3/4 ton, FS 1 ton, etc...






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