The Chevrolet Advance-Design Trucks Of 1947-1954, Part II

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taken from the Light Commercial Vehicle Association (LCVA) - Mar/Apr 1984


For the 1952 model year, one exterior change was made which is quite minor, but in the eyes of a sharp-eyed Chevy buff, is a major distinguishing feature and that is that the exterior door handles were changed from turn-handle type to push-button type.  Another exterior change which was a direct result of material shortages caused by the Korean War was the deletion of “DeLuxe” equipment and series nameplates.  This change was made in mid-season 1951.  For the same reason, chrome-plated grilles and the extra equipment rear bumpers were also dropped.  And finally, on light and medium duty trucks, gray paint replaced chrome plating on bumpers and hub caps.

One the one-ton series a foot-operated parking brake replaced the floor-mounted, hand-operated lever.  This was the same mechanism as used in the ½ and ¾ ton models.  Another model-year distinguishing change for the sharp-eyed Chevy buffs was that during the 1951 model year the die-cast T-handle brake release was replaced by a round plastic knob.  The new knob was of the same color and general shape as the other instrument panel controls and had molded into it the letter “B”, painted white for easy identification.

The change to the new push-button door handle was made because the push-button type was more attractive and thought to be easier to operate.  The fixed handle provided a solid grip with a better feel.  Along with the handle change, Chevrolet now offered a lockable left hand door as an extra-cost option.

One change was made under the hood due to material shortages.  That was that the radiators were made smaller.  The radiator core height in Series 3100 and 3600 was reduced 1 31/32 inches and the air cells were spaced further apart.  However, the cooling system liquid capacity remained the same at 15 quarts.

Mid-year in 1952, the hood side emblem was no longer used (but the CHEVROLET hood side emblem was used all year).

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1952 3805 1-ton Panel




1952 3104 1/2-ton Pick-up

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