The Chevrolet Advance-Design Trucks Of 1947-1954 Part, II

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taken from the Light Commercial Vehicle Association (LCVA) - Mar/Apr 1984

The fifth year of Chevrolet’s new Advanced Design trucks brought a series of minor changes.  A longer wheelbase heavy duty series was added to the line during the 1950 model year, it was a 179 inch wheelbase series. There were no exterior changes or color changes in the regular trucks.  Certain functional changes, however, altered certain appearance details of the trucks.  For example, ventipanes in the side door windows elimination of the left side cowl ventilator, and lowering of the rear view mirror changed the side appearance.  In addition, a chrome plated radiator grille was made available at extra cost on heavy-duty conventional trucks.

Safety was improved with several changes, the most important occurring in the brakes for light and heavy-duty models.  Brand new brakes on both the front and rear of Series 3100 light-duty trucks and the Sedan Delivery provided more effective braking with less effort and better control.

Comfort was improved for both driver and passengers with better ventilation provided by ventipanes in the side door windows of cab and single-unit models.  A new seal cushion for cabs and the Suburban Carryall were designed to dampen out vibration and jouncing.

The governor was discontinued as regular equipment, exception school buses, and the rear bumper was no longer standard on ½ and ¾ ton chassis, models and pickups.  Both these items were available, however, as regular production options.  Two extra-duty generators, one rated a 40 amps and the other rated at 55 amps, were available as options.

The Suburban Carryall lift gate hinge was made stronger and more durable, as was the rear of pickup boxes.

The new brakes for light-duty trucks provided smoother, more powerful braking action, with less driver effort.  These brakes featured an unusual braking action in which both shoes were self energized whether the truck was in forward or reverse and the force on one shoe multiplied the self-energizing effect of the other.  The new brakes, therefore, provided a large amount of braking effectiveness for a relatively small physical effort on the part of the driver.  The brakes also had longer life facings and improved sealing of cylinders and brake mechanisms. The new brakes provided the following advantages:

  1. Easier application.
  2. Greater freedom from brake surge and less tendency toward grabbing.
  3. Better protection against moisture, dust and mud.
  4. Better braking effectiveness and control.
  5. More nearly equal wear of all facings.
  6. Simple servicing.

With the rear bumper eliminated on 3100 and 3600 pickups, other items were revised or relocated so that they would not project beyond the body, where they might be damaged without the protection of the bumper.  They were the tail lamp, license plate, tail pipe and the tire carrier. On ½ and ¾ ton pickups, with the rear bumper eliminated and other items relocated the tail gate could be lowered fully so that it could hang straight down, which was a convenience in some phases of truck operation.  With the bumper on the truck, the tail gate could only drop about 50 degrees below horizontal.

Auxiliary stand-drive controls for the Forward Control chassis models were made an extra-cost option items for 1951.  These controls had been available before, but the customer was required to purchase them directly from the special equipment manufacturer.  The truck purchaser could now buy them from Chevrolet, who in turn purchased them from the same supplier.

Only one new accessory item was added for 1951, that being a portable spot light.  A new type grille guard was also made available for Series 3100 and 3600 which was of a better design.  The new guard was lower and wider and of much stronger construction.

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1951 3104 1/2-ton Pick-up



1951 Vocational Equipment - Fire Truck



1951 3104 1/2-ton Pick-up

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