The Chevrolet Advance-Design Trucks Of 1947-1954, Part II

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taken from the Light Commercial Vehicle Association (LCVA) - Mar/Apr 1984

side emblem

The year 1949 saw refinements made to the basic truck line introduced in 1947, the big news for 1949 was the all new restyled Sedan Delivery [covered at the end of this article].

The front appearance of the regular truck line was changed for 1949 by the application of a different color to the inner grille bars.  The outer part of the grille bars were still painted body color, but now the inner bar was painted Silver Gray.  The effect was to emphasize the width and depth of the grille, since the outer bars would now stand out sharply against the light-colored background the stripes which previously decorated the outer grille bars to serve the same purpose were removed in 1949.      All of the paint colors were carried over for 1949.

Beginning with the 1947 models, a name plate was attached to the side of the hood which contained the name Chevrolet and specified the size of the truck - either Thriftmaster or Loadmaster.  This terminology was thought to be too general, so during the 1949 calendar year, Chevrolet trucks were no longer called Thriftmaster or Loadmaster (see the hood side-emblem, above), but were identified by the number of the series to which they belonged (3100, 3600, 3800, 4100, etc.).  For quick and easy identification these series numbers were die cast to form nameplates and attached to each side of the hood below the nameplate Chevrolet (see the hood side-emblem, below).

emblem 2

During the 1948 model year, the action of the inside door handle was reversed, making it more easy to operate.  The door was now pulled to open.

The instrument panel color for the carryall Suburban was changed for 1949.  Previously it had been painted two shades of gray.  Now it was painted two shades of brown.  Wicker Brown and Pecan Brown.  This change brought the instrument panel into harmony with the seat colors and other trim colors in the interior of the Suburban.  The instrument panel in all other models remained unchanged.  The instrument cluster and speedometer pointers in all trucks were painted red rather than white to improve readability.

The foot-operated parking break in the 3100 and 3600 series was made smaller and neater in appearance.  All corners were rounded making it less likely that any one could catch his clothing on them.

For 1949 the gasoline tank was moved inside the cab to the floor behind the seat.  The gasoline filter cap was located on the right hand side of the cab just behind the door handle.

Engine changes and improvements for 1949 were very minimal.  The size of the spark plugs was increased and the head shape of the intake valves was changed slightly which resulted in a very slight increase in compression ratio, not enough to affect performance.  The change was made to reduce the tendency toward pinging.

The oil filter on the 3100 series was relocated to the top front of the valve rocker cover as in all other conventional trucks.

Three new extra cost equipment items were released for light duty models during the 1948 model year.  They were a heavier, 1740-lb rear spring for 3100 series models, a combination fuel and vacuum pump to maintain windshield wiper action during acceleration and a running board safely tread.

Also, during the 1948 model year or three months after introducing the model 3742 forward control delivery chassis in May.  1948 a larger model 3942 was put on the market.  It was designed for ten and eleven foot bodies, had a wheelbase of 137 inches and maximum gross weight of 10,000 lbs.

Finally for 1949, all tools except for jack and wheel wrench, were discontinued.

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1949 3804 1-ton Pick-up




1949 3107 1/2 -ton Canopy Express




1949 3809 1-ton Stake (dump-equipped)

1949 1



1949 3104 1/2-ton Pick-up

1949 2

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